Tuesday, 29 October 2013

hip hip hooray? no


hey eberibodeyh,
guess what? i've just finished all my examination papers today. since.. i don't really remember but approximately in one month gituu, it's just bcs bnyk cuti hari tu. so yeah im free now. just for, precisely at now not tomorrow and next week. berakhirnya exm akhir tahun menandakan form 5 sedang menantiiii

hooray? no.
what would happen if you're in form5 ? dah tentu tentunya lah the things tht we called 'busy' 'stress' . you know what, i don't like it. dah penah rasa dah hari tuu pmr. eh kina, tu baru pmr not SPM yet. pffft. ye lah. dah lepas SPM mestilah semua spread out kan. NO. no school life after dat right? i will missing the school. eh, no. i will missing the surroundings of the school like a crazy. the place where i can gathering together gether with my classmates, schoolmates. aah the moments

no. no. i dont want to leave the place where i standing now. eh, where kina? . in form 4 ! i want to live my school life to the FULLEST. you don't understand. i love school k. rasa baru kemarin kemarin je baru agih agih text book utk form4. lusa dah nak pulangkn balik. ya Allah, cepatnyaa. 

ok laa my eyes got swollen today, bebuang tebiat sekaranng la nak gatal, memerah + sakit . aku pn xtau la jenis sakit mata apa ni.. 
the important isss.. i could keep all the precious memories in the school, class, wherever in the school. ye la masa pn x boleh undur kn, so things happen with a reason. with Allah wills. hikmah DIA hanya DIA yg tahu betapa baiknya, betapa bahagianya betapa banyaknya . 

k la, esok sekolah c izaaaah jaty ni belum tdo gaknya main wechaat yee.. k darlings midnight
hope will having happy tuesday tomorrow :D. 

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