Sunday, 20 April 2014


 when i say hello and your reply is hi!
so helloo eberibodi hey! ops

so i hope this entry going to be a very quick update(i know im sorry dah kata hri tu my previous entry will be da last one till i finished my spm but i just wanna share what i got from my last camp so here we go)
so our school had organised the team building camp(although we aren't stayed in tent but in hostel! hahah)
at KK Adventure Park on last friday and saturday(18&19hb) and it was an incredibly and awesome experiences i must say. wahah(im just excited)

so that camp was held at kg Gana(if im not mistaken), jalan lama Papar and that camp ran for two days --the first day we had fun knowing each other and learnt how to collaborate in group uh oh and da skills to kill mosquitoes(i think everyone do like this kind of step bcs everyone succeed to memorize it  wahah xsusah pn)
and yo we gotta spread out to build 3 groups -bomastic and fantastic emmbha yiha hahah sep sikit siapa satu group dgn aku(diorg xbca pn :p) 

yeah im having fun with my group at night bcs we've done a very unique combination of three machine which produce a kidioko product wahah (unik konon hahah tp grup yg buat pintu doraemon tu da best xlupa jga yg buat aircond tu kekeke)
we've played a variety game at that night and it was fun.

so the next morning(saturday) we were jogging and that so refreshing. after that, le brothers of KKAP has planned a very the most exciting activities i've ever experienced ghahah melampau bunyinya so on that morning till noon we were playing the rock climbing, kayaking and climbing wall.
and during the kayaking the boys were so naughty padan muka la semua sekali basah kuyup hahah but they were a little bit funny .fuh nak cerita semua mmg panjang bejela lg la jwbnya but im going to make this one as quickest and brief as i can. 

then, we were playing da flying fox oh da best ff is best( fav the most among the other activities)
then we had a treasure hunt(well it should be a jungle trekking at first) but it was fun too. that's all
 im writing this kind of entry just bcs i dont want to forget what i've got and what i've done on that camp bcs it was so wonderful days with an amazing girls and guys, thank you to all of them who co-operate to make our days came to a very memorable days.thank you KKAP, as our commander said ada rezeki sikit ke banyak in shaa Allah dtg lagi! hahah
berangan spm dah dekat(Ya Allah tolong sedarkan aku!)

p/s:aku tau grammar aku pecah mangkuk, ini blog bukan kertas exam lg pun aku mmg nk improve grammar and language aku kt blog ni and aku tau merepek mana aku xda org baca pn HAHA

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