Saturday, 28 June 2014

I don't have any idea for the tittle

Don’t worry if people don’t look at you at all, because they simply don’t really know the 'great' and actual you are.
I believe that everyone has its own speciality and advantage, so, comparing people and to be compared isn't a good thing to do for me yea 
and to be judged was totally unfair. we know what we're doing and they know what they're doin, were it good or bad to you it's up to yourself, you decide dude, you decide. 
let it be settled by Him the most Fair and the All-Knowing UP there.

We just don’t know what they'll feel if we talk about this and that applicable to him/her. sometimes, 
it might be painful to others
so to keep silent and not to spread some words that might be hurt somebody is a better way to be the better you.

there's a lot thing that worth talking about.
peace yo. 

ohya, maafkan saya(erk janggal panggil diri saya) sekarang dah nak dekat spm tapi still hapdet blog, maaf yaa gue kangen amat deh ama blog gue. gue sadar gue harus fokus ama spm gue. ok deh gue nge-stop doa-in gue ya moga Allah mempermudahkan segalanya, aamiin.
daa ilalliqa'(moga jumpa lagi) in shaa Allah

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