Tuesday, 9 December 2014

5 crap things i just want to write it down

  1. When im watching on tv, suddenly i feel nothing. cerita sedih pun blur je tengok. like there's no empathy left in my heart? omagadd 0.o
  2. I am really missing my girlfriends, mcm dah setahun tak jumpa kot :'(
  3. I often open the fridge almost 10 times in an hour which when i open it, i didn't know what to do then .jangan tanya la why so sudden berat++ gituu
  4. I think i need to find a job so soon and then i can buy plenty of chocolate just like in my dreams BAHAHA. YES to feed my lipids :P
  5. I don't know and i have no idea right know, entah nak cukup-cukupkan 5 point la .so i just have to end this craps entry for tonight.
*lambai tangan

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