Sunday, 8 May 2016

buka topik

assalamualaikum, hi!

unbelievable! okay, what am i doing rite now ey?
this is so unbelievable, me? writing blog again? i thought i would never make it, like seriously a year has passed.. almost a year i guess? so why with this sudden entry? mind telling me dear sis?

nah, just the random things i guess.
it was just i think that i should go and bukak blog bcs omgee how time flies so fast?!
i just want to check out my blog and end up writing again, bcs i think my blog is so pathetic and was abandoned almost a year? daaa look at yourself, your age also will change from 18 becoming 19 like where on earth have i been this whole year when im 18? i thought i will question that again on myself when i was 20 haha

so the thing is i was officially an ex-KMLians for now, kml is stand for kolej matrikulasi labuan eyy.
yup that's right im from one year programme student. that's why almost a year juga dah xda khabar tentang diri yg cecomel tembam2 ni acewah perasan pula tendang kang =.=

xda lh tu bukan reason yg sebenar, it's okay, it's up to urself la whether u nk expose-kan diri or not, if u think it's okay then just go. but if u fikir masak2 and betul2 the thing ure doing right now it has something wrong with it then just stop (ew terkeluar pulak u). ajak and tell urself let's do something better okay?
it's okay everyone do mistakes like cliche-nya ayat kan nyampah :s
but still, it's true everyone, bcs from that mistakes, we learnt something.

we learn how to be strong, we learn to keep strong, we learn how to appreciate, we learn to be vigilant(careful) and we learn to be more wise in future.

okay end of craps! bye everyone.

p/s: it must be a boring entry without pictures aite? don't u? bcs i am.

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