Monday, 29 January 2018

Medley Selawat Nabi paling best!

Assalamualaikum hi! 
saja nak share terjumpa ada ni penyanyi nasheed and he's Arabian! semua nasheed & qasidah dia nyanyi mashaAllah sedap amazing voice! i just can't let this slip and decided to share it here 😍 
best jadikan halwa telinga and you need to listen too! wajib! hahah abaikan saya saja excited ni nak kongsi something good kan aisehmen
but i think he can't speak english sebab dari title and kebanyakkan video semua dalam arabic which i can't understand it too cuma tahu nama dia yang hensem tu Mohamed Youssef dan sorang lagi Mohamed Tarek dua-dua pun suara sedap mashaAllah suara brother eh dua-dua pun hensem ok hehehe
nak cari jodoh arabian lah macamni hmm ok diam kina bila nak share oi

okok nah jangan jatuh cinta okay? 😉

Wednesday, 27 December 2017


Assalamualaikum n hi everyone!
What a semester! Time flies so fast right?!

And this month has been amazing full of surprising and disappointment. I want to tell you something that Ive been into my crush since last april I think, he’s actually my senior in matrics. He’s the facilitator during the MPPB session. Everyone attracted with him at that time but not me bcs he reminds me of someone.. just someone that I knew back then. So how do I like him?

Instagram! You know it’s been easier to find someone nowadays with the help of the technologies. But NO I found his instagram account accidentally, I don’t purposely find him. Instagram has the ‘explore’ feature and that’s is how I found his account and i was like this is the facilitator guy back then, in matriculation? Is it? and then I scrolled down his profile and end up found myself kinda like him. It’s not because of his look but I like his attitude. How he interact with his friends. How he feels about something. I agree that he’s one in a thousands. I didn’t ‘follow’ his account and always found myself replying his instagram stories. Sometimes. i was trying so hard to find reasons to get in touch with him. Even though I was stranger and still stranger. I found myself so brave that time because he doesn’t know me. I was like.. am I crazy?! How on earth I can be this brave?!

He replied my messages. But just ‘haha’ ‘thanks’ because he didn’t know who am i. maybe he was like why is this girl kept replying my stories duh? Oh please GET YOUR LIFE, I don’t know her?! T^T
Someday, I accidentally pushed the ‘follow’ button and I was like wtfudge have I done?! I wanted to cancel the request but at the same time my heart also dying to know whether he’ll follow me back?


Yes! He requested to follow my instagram account! What?? was I dreaming?! *slap*
No im not dreaming, im going crazy! Hey crush, you don’t know how much craziness im going through lately. But that’s that. Nothing much happen. I deciced to stay stranger by not liking any of his posts and so do him. Meh. What should I expect? He’s kinda hot stuff and im just an ordinary girl right here dreaming if he is ever wanted to know about me too? Or adakah semua ini Cuma bertepuk sebelah tangan? Jangan sedih dulu sebab ada lagi part yang menyedihkan.

Yeahh, day by day, weeks by week, month by month, nothing happen. Remember im still a stranger. one day, he posts somethings in his stories and I didn’t remember but I replied something too until I said sorry for these whole time a stranger like me kept disturbing him by replying his stories and manatau he found im kinda disturbing and annoying to him. I just need to say that and you know what?!

He didn’t open my dm. I see he has post stories and such but he decided not to open and read my message just make me more crazy and disappointed.
And then after few days I checked on my dm whether he already seen it or not. HE HAS SEEN THE MESSAGE GAIS. He didn’t reply anything. Nothing. Just. Seen. OHMYGOD how embarrassed I am at that moment and I felt like wanna block him and just LEAVE ME ALONE PLS IM SO EMBARRASSED. Hey how can you do this to me? Don’t you pity on me? How don’t you see that I was trying so hard just to have a conversation with you without im looking like a desperate stranger?! am I ?! well, then im sorry. but nah, Ive done nothing. Didn’t block him and im just trying to see how things will going on.

So after few days, something HEARTBREAKING has happened! Hold on, it’s not that he replied or anything like that. Daa he post a picture with his captions that he’s trying to tell that he already have someone T.T >.< IM DONE, MY HEART IS BROKEN. I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY. I DIDN’T CRY. I SWEAR I LIED. I was eating at that time while scrolling instagram and read that kind of confessions?! IM DONE. What should I do? What do you expect me to do?! What I was thinking?! HE ALREADY HAVE SOMEONE SO DO NOT DISTURB HIM NO MORE KINA UGH IM PRETTY DISAPPOINTED. What have I done? I disturb someone’s boyfriend. I mean I didn’t know he got a girlfriend at first OF COURSE. So I guess, that’s that. I should never bother him anymore. I feel pity to myself the most. I build my hope high. Ugh I hate myself for that. Guess what? I continued and forced myself to eat while crying T^T LOL.

Im sorry kina, Im sorry that I made you to like him and made your heartbroken. I feel sorry for you the MOST for getting you in trouble with feelings. You don’t know what it’s like to play with feelings. Especially when it’s you’re the one that hurting in the end. I feel that im not going to like anyone after this. Hey im just 20. We still have a long journey to go. No worries, I said to myself that it’s okay. Allah actually save you. Save you from someone that is not good for you. Allah save you for someone much better than him. Someone much better is waiting for you. The one that will love you and accept you the way you are. Just do your best in whatever you’re striving for. And to that someone ehem future husband lol this is awkward. Yeah no one’s reading anyway so I hope you are doing okay there. Wait for me whoever you are just wait for me. Do your best in your struggle. Love your parents. Pray 5 times a day. Love your family. Do what’s right and leave what’s bad. Im trying to be a better me too, so must you. XD

Do you even read this? Lol im sorry for a very long entry.

till then, Te amo!